COD-308 Online COD Sensor

Many organic compounds dissolved in water are absorbent to ultraviolet light. Therefore, the amount of dissolved organic pollutants in the water can be accurately measured by measuring the extent to which these organics absorb UV light at 254nm. The COD-302 online COD sensor adopts two light sources, one is ultraviolet light for measuring COD content in water and the other is reference light for measuring turbidity in water. In addition, the optical path attenuation is compensated by a specific algorithm and the interference of particulate suspended matter can be eliminated to a certain extent, so as to achieve more stable and reliable measurement. Product features: No reagents, no pollution, more economical and environmental protection Small size, easy installation, and continuous water quality monitoring Measure COD, turbidity and temperature parameters Automatic compensation for turbidity interference With a cleaning brush to prevent bio-adhesion Small drift, fast response, more accurate measurement Excellent stability even for long-term monitoring Maintenance-free, long service life and low cost of use Digital sensor, RS-485 interface, Modbus/RTU protocol Low power design, anti-interference design

Product Parameters

Model COD-308
Measuring principle Dual wavelength ultraviolet absorption method
Scale range COD Turbidity
0~200mg/L equiv. KHP 0~100NTU
0~500mg/L equiv. KHP 0~200NTU
COD Precision ±5%F.S.
COD Resolution 0.1mg/L
Turbidity accuracy ±5%F.S.
Turbidity resolution 0.1NTU
Calibration method Two-point calibration
Output method RS-485 ( Modbus/RTU )
Power supply 12~24VDC
Power consumption 0.3W@12V
Working conditions 0~45℃、<0.1MPa
Storage temperature -5~65℃
Protection level IP68
Installation method Immersion installation
Cable length 5 meters, other lengths can be customized
Sensor housing material  316L stainless steel