Water environment monitoring

Program Overview
Chemins surface water online monitoring scheme is mainly composed of operational services + five hardware equipment (water quality monitoring sensor + water quality monitoring buoy + miniature water quality monitoring stations + water quality analyzer the shore station) + + APP cloud services platform, to provide users with the economic and efficient hardware and software, operations and data analysis processing one-stop solution, Real-time online monitoring and statistical analysis of surface water environmental quality and its changes can provide decision support for water environmental pollution prevention and control.
Scheme Architecture

Program Value

● Small size of equipment, suitable for a large range of distribution
● 24-hour visual collaborative supervision, automatic analysis of massive data
● Automatic collection of various water quality parameters, remote real-time monitoring of water quality information
● accurate continuous upload, full cycle record data process
● Abnormal data timely warning, key data real-time sharing
● Remote debugging, low maintenance cost, 24-hour operation and maintenance

Project Cases

A Reservoir Project in Lianyungang, Jiangsu
This project combines modern Internet of Things, GPS, GIS and other technologies to easily and quickly monitor the total phosphorus, COD, ammonia nitrogen and other parameters of local reservoirs. The system allows to automatically analyze, automatically