MS-500 Micro Water Quality Monitoring Station

MS-500 is a portable multi-parameter micro-automatic water quality monitoring system. It is a monitoring system that puts all the instruments and equipment of the fixed water quality monitoring station in the box unit, which can be loaded into the pull rod box and moved to different areas according to the need. The MS-500 consists of a data box unit (including system control unit, data acquisition and communication unit), a monitoring unit (including circulation pool, IOT sensor), and a water collection and distribution unit. The MS-500 can be easily moved. Product features: Mobile shell structure, less investment, high integration, small footprint, short construction cycle Using steel structure and anti-theft design, to achieve the true sense of unattended According to local conditions, sampling nearby ensures the real-time and representativeness of water samples to be measured. Probe type installation, no chemical reagents, water samples without processing, real and reliable measurement data. High degree of automation, with perfect self-cleaning, excessive alarm, network communication and other functions, less maintenance Modular design, free combination of monitoring parameters, no need for secondary investment and construction, to achieve a real seamless connection.