Industrial water quality monitoring

Program Overview
Chemins industrial water quality monitoring solution goes with the requirements of enterprise factory sewage monitoring, combines 5G, cloud computing, artificial intelligence AI+IOT technology to to monitor the ion and heavy metal content of sewage, as well as total phosphorus, total nitrogen, COD, BOD and other parameters, to achieve online automatic collect, count, process and monitor the company sewage discharge data, and provide complete solutions and technical support for the realization of industrial digital monitoring.
Scheme Architecture

Program Value

● High accuracy, low failure rate, strong anti-interference ability, uninterrupted and continuous monitoring, collection, transmission, and processing
● Small size, modular design, can be expanded or adjusted according to the demand parameters
● 7-inch industrial touch screen, easy visual operation, optional relay output
● Convenient data query and analysis function,the parameters and their changing trend can be observed and it supports U disk export

Project Cases

Enterprise sewage monitoring project
With the help of online monitoring instruments such as Chemins pH sensor, COD sensor, ammonia nitrogen analyzer, etc., the project provides continuous, stable and accurate monitoring data for the sewage of the plant. It also helps users to monitor whethe