MS-300 Underground Pipe Network Water Quality Monitoring Micro-system

The MS-300 underground pipe network water quality monitoring micro-system is a portable underground hydrology and water quality monitoring and early warning platform. The system is an integration of chemical analysis instruments and various water quality sensors, and an intelligent online monitoring system composed of modern data acquisition and processing technology, data communication technology, cloud computing technology and lithium-ion battery technology. Effective technical means for networked and online monitoring. Product advantages Compact structure design, small size, convenient layout Input type, in-situ real-time monitoring, flexible selection of installation points Ultra-low power consumption, long maintenance cycle, simple maintenance Detachable high-precision sensor, free combination of multiple parameters to meet diverse needs Using 5G communication, it can realize 2Km collaborative work in the unobstructed state, and the continuous upload is accurate and reliable. Cast aluminum one-piece waterproof housing, 5G fiberglass antenna, IP68 protection level

Product Parameters

Model MS-300
Lithium battery (Including power monitoring system) Power: 60 Ah Voltage: 12.6V
Data transfer module a4G wireless transmission Dual frequency 900/1800, baud rate 9600
Data acquisition module Input: DC 12V /1A Average power consumption: <3 W
Sealed case 280mm*230mm*110mm whole body cast aluminum material, waterproof, dustproof, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance.
Measurement interval The factory default measurement interval is 1 h. The measurement interval can be changed, with a minimum interval of 5 minutes.
Control method None
Data transfer cycle The factory default period is 1 h
Conditions of Use a) Ambient temperature: 5℃ ~ 65℃ b) Relative humidity: the relative humidity in the sealed shell cavity is not more than 90% c) Power supply: DC12 V, 60Ah battery power supply d) Atmospheric pressure: 86 ~ 106 KPa

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