Agricultural water quality monitoring

Program Overview
Chemins agricultural water quality monitoring solution is designed for soilless cultivation, agricultural canal irrigation, factory recirculating aquaculture, dew pond aquaculture and other planting and breeding fields. It adopts online continuous automatic analysis method to monitor the quality of planting and breeding water and tail water in real time. All environmental parameters are "clear at a glance", so that users can timely and effectively prevent and control planting and breeding disasters, reduce planting and breeding risks, and achieve intensive, high-yield, and efficient agricultural planting and breeding.
Scheme Architecture

Program Value
  • Digital integrated system, intensive planting and breeding
  • Ultra-low power consumption, wireless connection, can be remotely controlled by mobile phone and PDA, easy maintenance
  • Various parameters can be freely matched to meet the needs of different water environment monitoring
  • Visual intelligent control, simple and convenient operation
  • Dependence reductiong on labor and risk lowering of planting and breeding
  • Upper and lower limit alarms to effectively prevent abnormal parameters

Project Cases

Henan Zhengzhou aquaculture case
The aquaculture monitoring system is based on Chemins intelligent perception and IoT sensing technology. It integrates the functions of online collection of water quality and environmental parameters, unlimited transmission, intelligent processing, over-l