Sewage water monitoring

Program Overview
Chemins sewage and water monitoring and management system integrates advanced technologies such as IoT perception technology, big data, artificial intelligence, etc., to monitor the main pollution factors in the process of sewage treatment in real time, and to grasp the situation of sewage treatment and discharge in a timely, accurate and effective manner to ensure sewage treatment. During the process, the process parameters can be adjusted on time, and the effluent can stably reach the standard. While saving energy and reducing consumption, the treatment process is more refined . It is widely used in rural sewage, urban sewage, industrial parks, emergency monitoring and other scenarios.
Scheme Architecture

Program Value
  • Continuous monitoring and early warning of key water quality indicators during the whole process, obtention of basic measurement data
  • Automatic alarm function, notification of abnormal events at first time, on-time response, and source tracking
  • It has the functions of automatic operation and erros self-diagnosis, which greatly reduces the input and participation of manpower
  • Monitoring data networking, on-site and remote display of measurement parameters, operating status and report curves to ensure on-site design

Project Cases

Monitoring project of a rural sewage treatment outlet in Nanchang
The project mainly monitors the discharge water quality. Monitoring indicators are pH, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, temperature, ammonia atmosphere, COD, supporting buoy. The data is wirelessly transmitted to the cloud service platform, which can monitor