EGM-200 Water Supply Water Quality Monitoring Microsystem

The EGM-200 water supply water quality monitoring micro-system launched by the company can realize the simultaneous measurement of various water quality parameters, including residual chlorine, pH, ORP, conductivity and turbidity. The touch screen collects and processes the data measured by each digital sensor through the RS-485 (Modbus/RTU protocol) bus, and displays and stores the data. There are multiple windows displayed on the touch screen, which can display the data measured by each sensor in real time. The EGM-200 water supply water quality monitoring micro-system has a wide range of applications, and can be used in tap water plant and pipe network monitoring, peripheral water, box-type secondary water supply, municipal water supply and self-built facility water supply monitoring, direct drinking water supply and other fields. Product advantages Modular design, can monitor multiple parameters at the same time, freely combined according to needs Compact structure, high integration, convenient installation and maintenance Turbidity measurement adopts 90° scattering method, automatic light source compensation and built-in bubble elimination system, and the measurement is accurate Self-cleaning, reagent-free design, suitable for unattended environments User-friendly interface, real-time viewing of various monitoring data, historical data, alarm information record query.

Product Parameters

Product name Model Description
Water Supply Water Quality Monitoring Microsystem   EGM-200 (1) Real-time online monitoring of temperature, residual chlorine, pH, conductivity and turbidity, etc. (2) The rated power consumption of the system is less than 10W; the power consumption of the sensor is 0.5W/piece. (3) Dimensions: 300mm×360mm×100mm. (4) Power supply: 12-24V.

  Residual chlorine pH Conductivity Turbidity Temperature
Measuring Range 0~2.000mg/L 0~14.00pH 0~5000μS/cm 0~20.00NTU 0~65℃
Resolution 0.001mg/L 0.01pH 1μS/cm 0.01NTU 0.1℃
Precision ±5%  Or ±0.05mg/L ±0.1pH ±1.5%F.S. ±3% Or ±1.5NTU ±0.3
Power Consumption 0.2W@12V 0.2W@12V 0.2W@12V 0.2W@12V

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