Water supply water monitoring

Program Overview
Chemins water supply and water monitoring and management system uses the Internet of Things sensing technology, combined with cutting-edge technologies such as big data analysis and cloud computing, to establish a spatial, digital, networked, intelligent and visualized water supply and water monitoring system. Water supply provides online monitoring hardware and data services that save energy consumption and operate efficiently, realize remote supervision and intelligent linkage control of the whole process, and ensure the safety of "last mile" water quality.
Scheme Architecture

Program Value

● High integration, simple and convenient installation, diversified installation site
● Modular design, parameters can be combined according to the requirement
● Intelligent diagnosis, convenient maintenance, no manual tasks
● High accuracy of upper and lower limit alarm, convenient historical data, alarm information record query
● IoT data management and control, remote real-time monitoring, low operation and maintenance cost.

Project Cases

Qingdao secondary water supply project
The project mainly conducts multiparameter water quality monitoring for secondary water supply. Integrated equipment is used to monitor the urban drinking water in an all-round way. It not only controls the conventional parameters, but also accurately con