Pipe network environmental monitoring

Program Overview
Chemins intelligent underground pipe network integration equipment system aims to build a comprehensive, multi-level, full coverage of environmental protection platform.  Spectral sensing monitoring technology and visual information platform are adopted to avoid the impact of complex water environment through low-cost and high-density distribution, and realize the water environment monitoring of underground pipe network from point to surface.The conventional five parameters monitored are COD, ammonia nitrogen, liquid level and flow rate, to provide real-time and accurate data monitoring for urban underground pipe network.
Scheme Architecture

Program Value

● Small volume of equipment, flexible choice of installation site
● Ultra-low power consumption, sleep state current up to microamp level
● Using 5G communication, it can realize 2km collaborative work in an unobstructed state
● Accurate and sensitive data, accurate and reliable continuous upload, high early warning performance
● Simple construction, convenient maintenance, 24-hour operation and maintenance guarantee.

Project Cases

Guangzhou Municipal Sewage Pipeline Monitoring Project
The project uses monitoring network intelligent equipment to monitor the pH, conductivity, COD, ammonia, total phosphorus and other parameters of the underground pipe network in real time, and upload the data to the government monitoring platform in real