Marine Environment monitoring

Program Overview
The Chemins marine environment monitoring solutions are based on the "Internet +" intelligent marine monitoring equipment independently developed and produced, establishes a monitoring network covering the entire sea area, and innovatively proposes the "four-in-one" of refinement, networking, miniaturization and intelligence. The monitoring operation mode can realize real-time monitoring of marine on-site data at a fixed point, timed and qualitatively, and create one-stop solutions for marine environmental quality, marine ecological monitoring, marine forecasting and disaster reduction, and marine pasture monitoring.
Scheme Architecture

Program Value

●The buoy body is made of high-strength elastic polyurea material, which is flame-retardant, anti-corrosion, anti-collision and anti-biological adhesion.
●Equipped with a safety protection system and operation monitoring, self-checking system, stable operation under long-term unattended state
●Overcome the shortcomings of conventional water quality analysis instruments, and use wireless data transmission equipment to provide monitoring data in real time, continuously, stably and reliably.
●Customized according to the characteristics of the actual water and the needs of actual monitoring tasks.
●Remote control equipment, external multi-function, early warning equipment, linkage information output achievement.

Project Cases

Weihai Ocean Ranch Project
With the help of the Chemins all-in-one water natural measurement and salinity device, this project customized a set of marine ranch water natural measurement system. Based on the environmental culture characteristics of the marine ranch