CLX-300 Residual Chlorine Analyzer

Under the condition of PH6.2-6.5, free chlorine reacts with the reagent to form a pink compound, and its absorbance is measured at 515nm. It is suitable for residual chlorine measurement in the process of chlorination disinfection and monitoring of residual chlorine concentration in drinking water pipe network. Product advantages One-piece integrated box, easy installation and maintenance Low flow design saves water resources Dual-channel peristaltic pump timing quantitative extraction, no need to consider the flow rate Controllable monitoring frequency to reduce reagent consumption Intelligent fault self-diagnosis, remote diagnosis and parameter setting Historical data, alarm information records, data can be queried

Product Parameters

Model CLX-300
Measuring range 0-5mg/L
Resolution 0.001mg/L
Accuracy ±0.005mg/L or ±5%
Calibration method Two-point calibration
Protection class IP65
Signal output RS-485 (Modbus/RTU)
Power information 220v
Cable length 2 meters, other lengths can be customized
Installation method Wall mounted

Media Material