TMN-300 In Situ Permanganate Analyzer

The detection principle of TMN-300 in-situ permanganate analyzer is mainly based on spectrophotometry and improved on this basis: under high temperature and acidic conditions, the reducing substance in potassium permanganate oxidized water sample is measured, and the permanganate index of water sample can be obtained according to the built-in curve. Product features: Potassium permanganate spectrophotometric method with national standard method Compact size, immersion installation, to achieve in situ water quality monitoring Unique compact structure design, low reagent consumption, low operation and maintenance cost Precise optical system, high detection accuracy, good stability It has good correlation with manual analysis, and is suitable for sewage outlet and all kinds of water environment monitoring It can be integrated into buoys, multi-parameter monitoring systems, or operated by ship, shore-based distribution, etc

Product Parameters

Model TMN-300
Measurement principle Potassium permanganate spectrophotometry
Measuring range 0-15 mg/L
Precision 20%F.S.
Resolution 0.001mg/L
Calibration method Two-point calibration
Output signal RS-485 bus, Modbus/RTU protocol
Power supply 24VDC±10%
Output current 3A
Power consumption <30W
Working conditions 0~45℃、<0.1MPa
Storage temperature -5~45℃
Protection class IP68
Installation method Immersion installation
Cable length 5 meters, other lengths can be customized
Shell material PVC material

Media Material