OIL-206A Online Water Oil Sensor

Integrated water Oil sensor is the use of soluble oil absorption peaks in spectra and emission peak of the properties, in the spectrum of soluble oil absorption peak emission monochromatic light exposure to water, soluble oil absorb light energy, releasing another emission peak wavelength of monochromatic light, soluble oil emission intensity is proportional to the content of water soluble oil.The sensor is easy to install and use. UV LED light source, high stability, long service life, small drift Ac driven, effectively filter natural light interference Support RS-485 (Modbus/RTU protocol) Convenient, fast, stable and easy to maintain

Product Parameters

Measuring range 0~40ppm
Resolution 0.01ppm
Accuracy ±3%,±0.5℃
Calibration Two-point calibration
Protection grade IP68
Deepest depth Underwater 20 meters
Storage temperature -5~65℃
Sensor interface RS-485(Modbus/RTU)
Power information 12~24VDC ±10%
Power consumption 0.2W@12V
Cable length 5 meters, other lengths can be customized
Shell material PVC/POM