ZS-406 Online Turbidity Sensor

ZS-406 integrated online turbidity sensor is designed and manufactured using the principle of scattered light turbidity measurement. When a beam of light is incident on a water sample, the light is scattered by the turbidity substance in the water sample, and the intensity of the scattered light in the direction perpendicular to the incident light is measured and compared with the internal calibration value to calculate the turbidity in the water sample. Degree, linearized to output the final value. 90° angle scattered light principle, built-in temperature sensor Support RS-485, Modbus/RTU protocol Optical fiber structure, strong resistance to external light interference Infrared LED light source with high stability IP68 protection, water depth within 20 meters Convenient, fast, stable and easy to maintain

Product Parameters

Model ZS-406
Measuring principle Scattering light method
Measuring range/Resolution 0~20.00NTU 0.01NTU/0.1℃
0~100.0NTU 0.1NTU/0.1℃
0~1000.0NTU 0.1NTU/0.1℃
Accuracy ±5% or ±3NTU(0~1000.0NTU) ±3% or ±2NTU(0~100.0NTU) ±3% or ±1.5NTU(0~20.00NTU) ±0.3℃
Calibration mode Two-point calibration
Temperature compensation Automatic temperature compensation(Pt1000)
Output mode RS-485( Modbus /RTU) and 4-20mA
Working conditions 0~50℃,<0.2MPa
Storage temperature -5~65℃
Installation mode Immersive installation, 3/4NPT thread
Cable length 5 meters, other lengths customizable
Power dissipation 0.2W@12V
Source 12~24VDC
Levels of protection IP68
Sensor shell material ABS and 316L stainless steel

Media Material