TPS-206A Online Transparency Sensor

Many substances suspended in water can absorb or block visible light, which reduces the transparency of water. Therefore, the transparency of water can be calculated by measuring the absorbance of light, and the transparency sensor is designed according to this principle. When the transparency sensor is immersed in the liquid to be measured, it will read and measure the absorbance of the liquid to a specific wavelength of light beam, and then complete the measurement of transparency data through specific curve fitting and calculation. Product features: No pollution, economic and environmental protection Small size, convenient installation, on-line continuous water quality monitoring Transparency and water temperature parameters can be measured With a cleaning brush to prevent impurities and microorganisms from adhering Small drift, fast response, accurate measurement The long-term monitoring data has small drift and good stability Maintenance-free, long life cycle, low cost Low power consumption design, anti-interference design

Product Parameters

Model TPS-206
Measuring principle Visible absorption method
 Measuring range 50~2000mm
 Precision ±10% F.S./±0.5℃
 Resolution 1mm/0.1℃
Calibration method Two-point calibration
Output method RS-485( Modbus/RTU protocol)
Power supply 12~24VDC
Power consumption 0.3W@12VDC
Working conditions 0~45℃、<0.2MPa
Storage temperature -5~65℃
Protection level IP68
Installation method Immersion installation
Cable length 5 meters, other lengths can be customized
Sensor housing material POM and 316L stainless steel