RDO-406 Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

RDO-406 integrated on-line fluorescence dissolved oxygen sensor is designed and fabricated based on the quenching principle of excited fluorescence by specific substances in physics. When the excitation light is shone on the fluorescent material on the surface of the fluorescent film head, the fluorescent material is excited and emits fluorescence. The quenching time of fluorescence is affected by the concentration of oxygen molecules on the surface of the fluorescent film head.By detecting the phase difference between fluorescence and excitation light and comparing with the internal calibration curve, the concentration of oxygen molecules can be calculated, and the final value can be output after temperature and salinity compensation. No electrolyte is required and will not be polarized. No oxygen consumption, not affected by flow rate. Built-in temperature sensor, automatic temperature compensation. Free from interference by chemicals such as sulfides Small drift, rapid reaction, more accurate measurement. Long service cycle, lower cost of use. Simple replacement of fluorescent cap. Rs-485 interface, Modbus/RTU protocol. Low power consumption,anti-interference.

Product Parameters

Model RDO-406
Measuring principle Fluorescence method
Range ability 0~20.00mg/L (0 ≤ 200% saturation,25℃)
Resolution ratio 0.01mg/L,0.1℃
Precision ±2%F.S.,±0.3℃
Temperature compensation Automatic temperature compensation(Pt1000)
Output mode RS-485Modbus-RTU and 4-20mA
Working conditions 0~45℃、<0.2MPa
Storage temperature -5~65℃
Installation mode Immersion mounting, 3/4"NPT Thread
Cable length 5 meters, other lengths customizable
Power dissipation 0.2W@12V
Source 12~24VDC
levels of protection IP68
 Calibration Two-point calibration
Fluorescent cap life Guaranteed use for one year (under normal use)
Sensor shell material ABS and 316L stainless steel