iNH-306 Online Ammonia Nitrogen Sensor

iHN-306 integrally Online ammonia sensor is a PVC-based film forming the ammonium ion-selective electrode, the ammonium ion content of the test for the water, with temperature compensation to ensure that the test be fast, simple, accurate and economical. The present specification details the contents of the technical parameters of the ammonia sensor, maintenance and use of communication protocols. Signal output: RS-485bus,Modbus / RTUprotocol Easy connection to a third-party equipment PLC, DCS, industrial control computer, universal controller, paperless recording instruments and a touch panel. The patented ammonium ion probe, the internal reference solution oozes extremely slowly from the microporous salt bridge at a pressure of at least 100 KPa (1 Bar). Such a reference system is very stable and has a longer electrode life than conventional industrial electrodes. Easy installation: Submerged installation . IP68 protection class.

Product Parameters

Model iNH-306
Measuring range 0~10.00mg/L(0~100.00mg/L)
Resolution 0.1mg / L
Accuracy ±10% or ±1mg/L, ±0.5℃
Operating temperature 0 ~ 40 ℃
Working pressure <0.1MPa
pH range of the medium 4 ~ 10 pH
Temperature compensation Automatic temperature compensation (Pt100)
Power supply 12 ~ 24VDC
Signal output RS-485bus,Modbus / RTUprotocol
Wetted PVC and POM
Mounting Immersion installation
Cable length 5m, Other lengths can be customized
Calibration methods Two-point calibration
Power 0.1W@12V
Protection class IP68