EXO-MINI ONE Bluetooth Wireless Transmission Module(Smurfs)

The EXO-MINI ONE Bluetooth Wireless Transmission Module(hereinafter referred to as the Smurf) can be used with all kinds of IOT sensor and 206 series sensors or online multi-parameter self-cleaning sensors with RS-485 interface in our company. It is convenient to replace and use Bluetooth for data transmission in the case of environment is not allowed or wiring is not convenient. The Smurfs can be connected to mobile devices such as Android-based mobile phones or tablet computers through Bluetooth, and the Smurfs APP carried on them can carry out data interaction.

Product Parameters

Name Bluetooth Wireless Transmission Module(Smurfs)
Range ability set by sensor
Output mode ASCII Bluetooth transmission
Input mode hexadecimal Bluetooth transmission
Transmission distance open area without barrier, about 50 meters
Storage capacity 4 megabytes
Working hours timing read about 7 days
Power supply 3.7V/3000mAh polymer lithium battery 5V charge