iEC-306 Online Conductivity Sensor

Drinking water / surface water / various water / industrial water treatment Signal output: RS-485 (Modbus / RTU protocol) Easy connection to a third-party equipment PLC, DCS, industrial control computer, universal controller, paperless recording instruments and a touch panel. Easy installation:Submerged installation . IP68 protection class.

Product Parameters

Model iEC-306
Measuring range  0~5000μS/cm
Resolution 1us/cm,0.1℃
Accuracy ±1.5%F.S.,±0.5℃
Operating temperature 0 ~ 65 ℃
Working pressure <0.6MPa
Power supply 12~24VDC
Signal output RS-485 (Modbus / RTU)
Wetted ABS
Installation  Immersion installation
Cable length 5 meters,Other lengths can be customized
Temperature compensation Automatic temperature compensation (Pt1000)
Calibration methods Two-point calibration
Power 0.1W@12V
Protection class IP68