Technology core + talent advantage, Yantai official media praise Chemins technology

Time: 2021-10-22


On October 22, Yantai Daily published a report that Chemins is actively introducing high-tech talents to participate in product research and development. It affirms the high-quality control of Chemins Technology for technological innovation and talent introduction, plays the main role of attracting talents of enterprises, and promotes the development of regional economy.

Since its establishment, Chemins Technology has focused on the research and development and production of water quality monitoring sensor products. Long-term commitment to product research and development, scientific and technological innovation, the company is a provincial national high-tech enterprise, the company has a group of domestic and foreign high-level and high-end talents, technical personnel accounted for more than 50%, the recent 3 years of R & D investment in the proportion of revenue reached more than 40%. In recent years, the company has obtained dozens of patents such as invention patents, utility model patents, software patents and other patents. The company keeps innovating and developing in technology, so that the products are constantly optimized and iterated, and has been praised by customers at home and abroad.

The company has participated in provincial key research and development projects, municipal key research and development projects, participated in the national innovation competition for many times, and achieved excellent results. It has established school-enterprise cooperation with Zhejiang University, China Jiliang University, Ocean University of Qingdao and Yantai Nanshan University to strengthen school-enterprise cooperation, technical communication and exchange, and at the same time to provide a stage for college students to display their talents.

It has always been the goal of Chemins to become the global leader in water quality analysis. It is this spirit of struggle that makes Chemins today. From this impressive report card, we can see the confidence Chemins has brought to the water quality monitoring industry.