Chemins research and development to increase the strength of the doctor!

Time: 2022-01-21
Recently, in order to speed up the implementation of innovation-driven strategy to help enterprises to solve technical problems, improve enterprise's capacity for independent innovation, led by hangzhou qiantang science city management office, zhejiang university alliance of industry, qiantang center to organize the implementation of "Dr Into the enterprise" the fifth period, kay, as a representative of the high-tech enterprises in the field of water environmental monitoring were invited to participate in,  Carried out in-depth and precise docking with doctors from Zhejiang universities on technical problems in the field of water quality monitoring.    


  In the development trend of automation and convenience of water quality monitoring technology, Kemis technology, as the industry leader, has been committed to making the preparation of water quality monitoring sensors to achieve smaller volume, lower power consumption, more intelligent conditions, but also to maintain the stability and accuracy of the sensor.  This activity discussed the new technical route and research direction on the research and development and production of the new water quality monitoring sensor sequence under the guidance of the members of "doctor into enterprise".  In the future, with the help of Hangzhou Qiantang District, Kemis Technology will continue to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements with innovative measures in cooperation with more universities and research institutions. Adhering to the concept of scientific and technological innovation, Kemis has always attached great importance to the docking and cooperation with high-end universities. In recent years, kemis has carried out a series of national scientific research projects with famous universities such as Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhejiang University and China Jiliang University, concentrating superior resources to promote the development and demonstration application of advanced products.  The company has cooperated in the research and development of online sensor equipment for key indicators of accurate water quality, such as ammonia nitrogen, nitrate nitrogen, nitrite nitrogen and dissolved oxygen, based on new materials.  In the past three years, 24 scientific and technological projects have been innovated, and more than 100 intellectual property rights and software have been independently developed. The technological innovation ability has been unanimously recognized by experts in the industry.