[Blockbuster] The construction of the new factory of Chemins Technology has started!

Time: 2021-06-07

General manager Jack Gong delivers a speech

At the commencement ceremony, General Manager Jack Gong delivered a speech. He expressed his gratitude to the leaders and care of Zhaoyuan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal government, and extended a warm welcome to all guests and friends invited to attend the commencement ceremony. It is difficult to start a business and many battles have bitter origins since ancient times. Ten years in a flash! 

Renderings of the completion of the factory

Chemins new plant construction project total investment of 60 million, land area of 20 mu, total construction area of 12600 square meters. Construction content includes: office building, production building and logistics building. The office building is used for the construction of science and technology research and development center, experimental testing center and office space; The production building is used for the construction of standardized precision workshops, large Marine monitoring equipment production area and warehousing and logistics area; The logistics building is used to construct the staff activity area and logistics area.

Employees take a group photo

Opportunity and innovation have made Chemins become the leader in the water quality analysis industry in China. The new factory, which is under construction today, will be the cradle of Chemins' century-old enterprise dream and the starting port for Chemins to go to the world.

Chemins new plant construction project commencement ceremony a complete success! I wish the construction project of Chemins standardized factory goes smoothly and it will be completed and put into use as soon as possible!