Clean-200 Online Self-cleaning Holder

Clean-200 online self - cleaning stand is reliable and easy to use. Up to four digital sensors can be installed at the same time. Parameters such as dissolved oxygen, pH, ORP, conductivity, turbidity can be selected. The CLEAN-200 online self-cleaning bracket is equipped with an automatic cleaning device, which consists of a built-in motor drive circuit, a position detection circuit, a DC motor and a cleaning brush. The automatic cleaning device can effectively remove dirt on the surface of the sensor and prevent the attachment of microorganisms, greatly reducing the maintenance cost. The sensor can be conveniently mounted outside the cleaning bracket. The upper end of the cleaning bracket is designed with 3/4 "NPT thread for easy mounting.

Product Parameters

Operating temperature -5~50oC
Power Supply 12~24VDC
Cable specifications Φ6 mm, 4core, 5 meters (customizable)
Space usage 85mm×85mm×20mm
Power Consumption 0.1W@12V