Clean-100 Online Self-Cleaning Holder

This clean-100 online self-cleaning holder is relibale and easy to use. It can install 4 IOT digitalsensor in the same time, can choose dissolve oxygen, ph, orp, conductivity, turbidity,etc. The clean-100 online self-cleaning holder have self-cleaning device, it is consists of built-in motor drive circuit, position detect circuit, direct-current circuit and cleaning brush. The auto cleaning device can effective remove the sensor surface dirt, prevent microbial attachment, significantly reduces the maintenance costs. The sensor can conveniently be installed on the cleaning holder outside. There are 3/4’’ NPT Thread, is convenient to fixed and installed.

Product Parameters

Operating temperature -5~50℃
Power Supply 12~24VDC
Cable length Φ6mm,4 core,5m(can be customered)
Power Consumption 0.1W@12V

Media Material