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Letter about the sensor price reduction

Time: 2023-09-20


Dear customers and partners:

Thank you for your trust and love for Chemins Technology! With the strong support of all partners, Chemins Technology incubated a new brand - "He Gan" through internal entrepreneurship!

The original intention of the "He Gan" brand is to better serve the society, relying on the three major resources of Chemins Technology to allow more users to use high-quality and low-cost water quality monitoring equipment.

  1. Self-built intelligent production base
  2. The sensor electrode core material is 100% self-developed
  3. 4 branches and 26 operation and maintenance service centers nationwide

The same quality stick, the new brand experience, please consult the regional person in charge for details.

Chemins Technology will join hands with "He Gan", as always with high quality products to serve you wholeheartedly!

We hereby announce, thank you!

September 20, 2023

Hangzhou Chemins Sensor Tech Co., Ltd.

Yantai Chemins Instrument Co., Ltd.