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Detailed explanation of grid water quality monitoring

Time: 2023-08-23

Brief introduction of grid water quality monitoring scheme

Chemins gridded water quality monitoring solution, using self-developed miniature water quality monitoring stations, miniature water quality monitoring buoys, multi-parameter water quality monitoring sensors, low-cost gridded distribution and high-frequency monitoring in various regions, to achieve rivers and ponds Real-time monitoring of water quality in various scenarios, such as reservoirs, lakes, etc., through the Chemins water environment monitoring platform, functions such as early warning of water environment safety and grid management of water environment supervision are realized, providing scientific decision-making support for all-round governance of the water environment, and for Escorted by the river and lake chief system.



Advantages of grid water quality monitoring

(1) Front-end perception

Gridded water quality monitoring is used for water quality monitoring of rivers and lakes. The front-end perception includes shore stations, buoys, multi-parameter water quality sensors, etc., which can realize functions such as grid layout, water environment early warning management, pollution source tracking and traceability, water quality change trend analysis, pollution prevention and control, and real-time feedback of water quality monitoring.

(2) Intelligent analysis

It can help customers realize 7X24 hours of visual unmanned control, automatic upload of data; intelligent analysis of massive data, intuitive display of important information charts; early warning of abnormal data, automatic implementation of prevention and control measures; automatic traceability of pollutants, so that there is nowhere to hide the source of illegal emissions.

(3) Comprehensive grasp

Mesh water quality monitoring has the characteristics of small size, low cost, high integration, and convenient maintenance; it can achieve real-time monitoring of each point, convenient deployment, and dense distribution; low power consumption, meeting various water body testing requirements, etc. Monitor water quality parameters such as conductivity, pH, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, temperature, COD, ammonium ammonia, ORP, chlorophyll, blue-green algae, total phosphorus, and total nitrogen to achieve an all-round grasp of water quality.

Chemins Technology provides professional operation and maintenance services

Chemins Technology provides users with overall outsourcing hosting operation and maintenance services of ecological environment monitoring and perception hardware and information systems. Based on the technical service network covering 32 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country, it has a professional online equipment system technical service team, a complete technical service organization structure, and carries out operation, maintenance, management and maintenance services in accordance with national standards. It has a complete Operation, maintenance, management and maintenance service inspection and supervision mechanism, training mechanism, performance appraisal mechanism, etc. At the same time, a standardized operation, maintenance, management and maintenance service management system has been established to standardize the operation, maintenance, management and maintenance service work, and provide users with caring, thoughtful and timely all-round data And information system operation and maintenance services to ensure the continuous value-added of the system platform and realize the speed and efficiency of grid-based water quality monitoring.



Product case display

Qingdao River Monitoring Project

Project Address: Qingdao, Shandong

Monitoring form: miniature water quality monitoring station

Monitoring parameters: COD, ammonium nitrogen

Weihai River Monitoring Project

Project location: Weihai, Shandong

Monitoring form: small buoy

Monitoring parameters: temperature, pH, COD, ammonium nitrogen

Hefei River Monitoring Project

Project location: Hefei, Anhui

Monitoring form: large buoy

Monitoring parameters: temperature, pH, COD, ammonium nitrogen