What are the ways in which sensors transmit data?

Time: 2023-07-07

At present, there are two kinds: the first kind is through the computer, PLC, EXO-202 and so on in the way of wiring to send data query instructions to the sensor, sensor response data through cable transmission to the computer, PLC, EXO-202, the response data can be converted into the test data, the computer needs software is serial debugging assistant.  The second method is to realize wireless transmission through DTU and RTU. DTU generally requires the cooperation of front-end devices. For example, DT-200 is responsible for data collection and DTU is responsible for data transmission, while RTU can realize both collection and transmission functions.  If we want to find the data from the server, we need the corresponding computer software and mobile phone software, or we can send the data to the client server, and the client can write the software to realize the data query.