TOC-300 COD Analysis

Widely used in drinking water, surface water, municipal sewage and other environmental monitoring; Urban sewage treatment plant, chemical plant, paper mill, electroplating factory and other industrial wastewater monitoring. Product features: Compact structure, smaller size, lower failure rate, lower maintenance and higher cost performance Hd touch screen, intelligent operating system, automatic control of the whole process Original imported components and chips, strong scalability Visible photoelectric system to achieve accurate measurement of reagent, reagent dosage and waste liquid generation High temperature and high pressure digestion system, quick and thorough reaction, high accuracy Automatic calibration mode, without full monitoring, reduce the frequency of operation and maintenance

Product Parameters

型号 TOC-300
测量方法 重铬酸钾氧化分光光度法
测量范围 10~1000mg/L(可扩展)
分辨率 0.001mg/L
重复性 ±5%
示值误差 ±10%
量程漂移 ±10%
测量周期 <35min

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