NHN-302 Multi Parameters Online Ammonia Nitrogen Sensor

NHN-302 multi parameters online ammonia nitrogen sensor is fabricated using a PVC membrane-based ammonium ion selective electrode for testing ammonium ion content in water with temperature, ph and potassium ion compensation to ensure fast, simple, accurate and economical testing. The technical parameters, maintenance and communication protocols of the ammonia nitrogen sensor are described in detail in this user manual.

Product Parameters

Model NHN-302
Measuring range NH4+:0~1000mg/L or 0~100mg/L NH3:0~150mg/L or 0~15mg/L K+:0~1000mg/L pH: 0~14pH Temperature:0~35℃
Resolution NH4+:0.1mg/L
Accuracy NH4+:±5%F.S. NH3 or total ammonia nitrogen :±5%F.S. K+:±5%F.S. pH:0.1pH Temperature:0.5℃
Working temperature 0~35℃
Working pressure <0.1MPa
Temperature compensation Auto temperature compensation (Pt1000) pH compensate range:4~10pH K+compensate range:0~1000mg/L
Power supply 12~24VDC
Signal output RS-485 bus, Modbus/RTU protocol
Wetted material PVC and POM
Installation 3/4NPT thread, immersion installation
Cable length 5 meters, other lengths can be customized
Calibration Two-point calibration
Measuring method Ion selection method
Protection grade IP68