iMP-300 Online Multi-parameter Self-cleaning Sensor

iMP-300 Online Multi-parameter Self-cleaning Sensor Online multi-parameter self-cleaning digital sensor, using integrated design, reliable and easy to use products. Up to 5 parameters can be measured at the same time, and the data can be directly transmitted to the acquisition platform. Product features: Product Advantages Integrated design, up to 5 parameters can be measured at the same time. Built-in temperature, optional digital sensors such as pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, etc., suitable for long-term online monitoring. Equipped with IP68 quick-plug waterproof connector, easy to disassemble. Equipped with an automatic cleaning device, it can effectively clean the sensor surface, prevent microorganisms from attaching, and reduce maintenance costs. The front-end protective cover effectively prevents foreign objects and biological damage to the probe.

Product Parameters

Dissolved oxygen sensor
Measuring range 0~20mg/L
Precision ±2%F.S.
Resolution 0.01mg/L
Turbidity sensor
Measuring range 0~1000NTU
Precision ±3%F.S.
Resolution 0.1NTU
Conductivity sensor
Measuring range 0~5000uS/cm
Precision ±1.5% F.S.
Resolution 1
pH sensor
Measuring range 0~14pH
Precision ±0.1pH
Resolution 0.01pH
Ammonium Nitrogen
Measuring range 0~10.00mg/L or 0~100.00mg/L
Precision ±10% or ±1mg/L
Resolution 0.01mg/L
Measuring range 0~50℃
Precision ±0.5℃
Resolution 0.1℃
Additional information
output method RS-485(Modbus/RTU)
Cleaning method automatic cleaning
Power supply 12VDC±5%
Cable length Standard 5 meters, other lengths can be customized

Media Material

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