CLX-300 Residual chlorine analyzer

Product features: Integrated box, easy installation and maintenance Low flow design, saving water resources Double channel peristaltic pump timing quantitative extraction, no need to consider the flow rate Monitoring frequency is controlled to reduce reagent consumption Intelligent fault self-diagnosis, remote diagnosis and parameter setting Historical data, alarm information records, data can be queried

Product Parameters

型    号 CLX-300
量程范围 0-5mg/L
分 辨 率 0.001mg/L
精   度 ±0.005mg/L或±5%
校准方式 两点校准
防护等级 IP65
信号输出 RS-485(Modbus/RTU)
电源信息 220v
线缆长度 2米,其它长度可定制
安装方式 壁挂式安装

Media Material